Introducing “the toatali review”

Just a short post this month to announce the latest edition of the toatali media empire; “the toatali review”; a substack addition to the main blog. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while, but only finally worked up the effort. The idea is to have a place for more frequent, more casual writing for anyone who wants to read some looser, less structured ramblings.

You can sign up at, and read the first edition, about Top Gun: Maverick now. New posts on the substack will be posted whenever inspiration strikes, and new posts to the main blog will continue at their regular pace (about once every two months or so).

Thanks for reading!

One Reply to “Introducing “the toatali review””

  1. Nice review! I never saw the original Top Gun but I was certainly expecting an Independence Day Resurgence esque waste of time, regardless of how well the original did or didn’t hold up. I use RSS instead of email for my subscriptions, so I won’t be following the substack religiously, but I’m sure I’ll check it out periodically to see what’s there. A concurrent post here would be nice but isn’t necessary if you don’t want to.


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